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The Complete PC-Based
Programmable Control Solution
Innovative, Windows CE 6.0
Economic and Powerful HMI

Industrially rugged PC-based hardware platform, Industrial PC and Panel Computer

A completed suite of Control, Measurement and HMI/SCADA software modules; Soft PLC, Process PID,
Soft Motion Control, HMI & SCADA with Data Acquisition

A complete series of PCI bused I/O, Ethernet-Based I/O, Ethernet-Based Programmable Computer and HMI ActiveX components

A complete series of color TFT flat panel displays with touch screen

Windows based, Web Enable, equipped with high leve CPU, large storage and memory

Full range of high brightness TFT LCD displays with touch screen

Superior Visualization development software

Major modularized, field bus masters embedded

Building SoftPLC, SoftPID and Automated Data Collection

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