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 Hurco Automation Ltd. (HAL) was founded by Hurco Companies, U.S.A and Tycoon Enterprise, Taiwan in late 1996. Its core engineering team came from the industrial controls sector of ITRI, Taiwan. Since the first day, the company is targeted at growing to be a Complete PC Based Industrial Automation Solution Provider.

 We started from developing PC based programmable controls and HMI platform for original equipment manufacturers in CNC, Process and Motion Controls. Major customers encompass CNC metal cutting, metal forming, laser cutting, laser marking, special machinery for manufacturing TFT LCD, blow molding, plastic injection molding, SMT reflow and robotics applications. Related revenues grows to 15 million US dollars in 2007 and more than 20,000 PC based controls are working reliably in serious applications and harsh environments, all over the world round the clock.

 As illustrated in below, by applying our strength in designing and manufacturing industrial grade PC based hardware together with our field proven kernel software in motion control, process control and HMI&SCADA, we have introduced a PC based, Universal Programmable Controls and HMI/SCADA solution package WINP(rogrammable)C(ontrol)32 to partner with OEM and SI. The WINPC32 will help our customers easily and fast develop their dedicated, reliable, highly competitive, PC based solutions in their core business; A new line of Windows Based, Web Enabled, Human Machine Interface is recently introduced. It brings a better cost/performance solution for applications from the level of a traditional HMI to hybrid applications which combine PLC and process control with HMI. The major components composing the WINPC32 platform such as our advanced industrial panel computer line, PCI bused I/Os, industrial Ethernet I/O, industrial computers, and HMI ActiveX suites are also offered now separetely to customers who only need partial of our solution package. We believe the functionality, scalability and reliability we are able to offer to customer today makes us a competitive and valuable partner for you in PC based industrial automation.

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