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Introduction of WINPC32®

System Architecture
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  Real Time Kernel  
  Software Architecture  
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System Architecture

WINPC32® is a state of the art, universal, programmable controls and HMI platform developed by Hurco Automation Ltd. The foundation layer of the WINPC32® is field-proven, industrially rugged, PC-based hardware with a pre-emptive, Windows based, real time operating system. Built on this foundation is a suite of "soft", programmable, industrial controls modules which encompasses Soft-PLC, process PID, Soft-Motion, industrial networking and machine vision. On top of those real time soft modules is a Human Machine Interface(HMI) module which provides advanced HMI functions and network connectivity to Web, LAN, major field bus and PLC controls.

Several unique features make the WINPC32® one of the most competitive programmable controls and general automation platforms in the industry:

  1. A "real time kernel" is incorporated to enable Windows to achieve 100 µs level of sample time.
  2. Robust "common memory" management achieves seamless integration of all the software modules and enables the lightning speed of data exchange, compared with lower performance and less reliability provided by current serial communication.
  3. The SoftPLC complies with IEC61131-3 and offers all main types of PLC editing languages. The programming environment of all other modules, such as motion and HMI, is also compatible with major industry standards.
  4. All modules in the Software suite are field-proven while having the most advanced functionality and performance in the industry.
  5. Clear cost/performance advantage over the traditional approach in which a system is usually comprised by multiple embedded subsystems with werial communication.
  6. Robust open architecture design gives system integrators the ability to build customized PLC functions or control threads with their proprietary algorithms or incorporate 3rd party Windows software like CAD/CAM.
  7. The hardware platform has been widely applied, both in volume and variety of applications, around the world.
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