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GPeX® Visualization Software

GPeX® (Graphic Programming Editor), is one of the most powerful visualization development software in the industry, In addition to its abundant GUI programming resource and PLC or field bus communication drivers to facilitate editing graphic displays, arranging the flow control and collecting data, advanced functions like data base, historical trend, alarm viewer and web browsing are also provided. Automatic data acquisition is also a standard feature by which data of designated tags will be automatically stored into storage and uploaded to host when specified.

In additional, its OPC Client and data base structure together with multiple communication connections capability also make the CrystalWin® capable of handling process SCADA and shop floor monitoring job.

Our SoftPLC and SoftPID modules may also be incorporated and work seamlessly with the GPeX® by using common tags when logic control is also demanded.

  Graphic Programming Editor



Four security levels:
> Administrator
> System integrator
> Maintenance
> End user classifications access through surveillance or web browser




GUI programmed with CONTROL LINK for simple objects, WIZARD Library for complex objects and Script for flow controls and logic arithmetic.




"Access" compatible database which can be linked thru ODBC Easy Search, select and modify, protected by authorization leven and action event record.



Current real-time trend in Y-T, X-Y and 3D graph and historical trend. Record data in file or palyback previously recorded file.



Current alarm is real-time while history alarm shows all recorded alarms.



Define and record major operation activities such as mode change, recipe change, alarm clear, for later tracking and analyzing.



Compares service hours programmed with actual hours for all major service components. Notifies operators when replacements or repairs are required.



Transmitting or embedding ActiveX, real-time database and files through Ethernet for surveillance, local machine controls or through a web browser via intranet or internet.

                   (1) Surveillance                                    (2)Web Browser



For use at administrator level to configure "System" environment and includes: User Manager, Language Setting, Time Set-up, Printer Set-up and System Shutdown.


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