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Kernel Software Suite

The functionality kernel of the WINPC32® is a suite of industrial software modules, all programmable and field proven, and is sufficient, in the aspect of functionality and performance, to perform nearly all the functions needed in industrial controls, HMI and general automation. Analogous to the role of Microsoft Office acting in the office PC, the industrial software suite in the WINPC32®, together with its robust, common memory management and real time kernel, will make system integrator easily complete his dedicated application in short time by configuring and programming the slected soft modules with his domain knowledge. The Soft-PLC, Soft-PID, Soft-motion controls, industrial network connectivity, SCADA engine and HMI will be introduced separately in the following.

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  Soft-PID Controls
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  SCADA Engine  
  HMI Module  
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Soft-PID Controls

PID controls is an important function in process controls. Manufacturing parameters like temperature, pressure, flow and tension are normally required to be precisely controlled and PID is the most common way to execute those controls. In WINPC32®, user just needs to select the PID module option and configure the controlled inputs and outputs, which can be physical I/Os or intermediate variables (for cascaded loops), sampling time and tune the individual P,I,D parameter in the application.
User may also implement his proprietary control algorithm by applying the CAC (CALL C) function which will then execute the proprietary with the sampling time and I/O variables specified by you.
The following are the general features of PID loop module in WINPC32®:

  1. 32 independent PID loops
  2. Control Algorithms: ON-OFF control, standard PID or user customized ones
  3. Support cascaded control loops
  4. Support auto-tuning
  5. Sampling time: 1ms (Windows CE or Embedded Windows XP w/RTX), 10ms (Windows XP without RTX)
  6. Control input compensation, feed-forware and dead-band compensation
  7. Alarm setting for up limit, upper limit, low limit and lower limit
  8. Saturation limits (up and low) setting
  9. Low-pass filter
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