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Kernel Software Suite

The functionality kernel of the WINPC32® is a suite of industrial software modules, all programmable and field proven, and is sufficient, in the aspect of functionality and performance, to perform nearly all the functions needed in industrial controls, HMI and general automation. Analogous to the role of Microsoft Office acting in the office PC, the industrial software suite in the WINPC32®, together with its robust, common memory management and real time kernel, will make system integrator easily complete his dedicated application in short time by configuring and programming the slected soft modules with his domain knowledge. The Soft-PLC, Soft-PID, Soft-motion controls, industrial network connectivity, SCADA engine and HMI will be introduced separately in the following.

  Soft-PLC Controls
  Soft-PID Controls  
  Soft-Motion Controls  
  SCADA Engine  
  HMI Module  
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Soft-PLC Controls

This module is the backbone of any programmable controls. It complies the standard programming languages of IEC61131-3 and includes (1) Ladder Diagram, LD (2) Instruction List, IL (3) Structured Text, ST. Also standard C can also be used to implement the entire or portion of the logic control. In its development environment, beside the PLC compliers, there are on line simulator, various debug tools and logic analyzer to help facilitate the development and debug efficiency. Features of the Soft PLC is summarized in below:

  1. Compatible with the IEC61131-3 standard.
  2. Three standard PLC programming languages: Instruction List (IL), Ladder Logic (LD) and Structured Text (ST).
  3. User can apply C language to program the entire logic controls or only a customized, extended portion. It is implemented by a timed DLL (Windows CE/XP) or RTDLL (XPE + RTX) and integrated with the rest of the logic controls.
  4. Powerful Windows based development environment includes a multiple files based PLC editors, files comparison to detect modifications, relational data base to find related variables and values, on line simulation, on line editing, debugger and logic analyzer.
  5. Multiple execution loops structure optimizes the CPU usage and control performance. Those loops comprise 1ms Kernel Loop, 10ms Fast Loop and 100ms Normal Loop.
  6. Support I/O interrupts.
  7. Execution time is less than 0.1us/step.
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