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Leader-5000 Series

Leader-5000 is a series of Ethernet-based block I/O modules for distributive monitoring and controls. The block I/O modules feature built-in RSIC-based processor with MAC, and capable of performing analog I/O, digital I/O, and temperature measurement in an Ethernet network with Modus/TCP protocol at LAN, intranet or Internet.

Versatility Communication Network

A Leader-5000 block I/O module can simultaneously serve communication from different Ethernet socket ports. For example, HTTP, HAL Windows-based utility and Modbus/TCP Server. OPC server and various C++/C Modbus/TCP communication driver are provided for user to choose the easiest way to have the Leader-5000 block modular I/Os to go with his self developed software or HMI/SCADA package.


  • 10/100Mbps Ethernet full duplex Auto Negotiation
  • Support C++/C Modbus/TCP drivers and OPC server
  • Support "configuration via built-in Web browsing, (HTML), Device Finder and I/O configuration utilities"
  • Web server service and SNMP for I/O monitoring
  • Instant event reporting by SNMP trap
  • Built-in watchdog timer and real-time clock
  • Configurable output power-on & safe status setting
  • Built-in simple condition rules for I/O logic programming
  • Peer-to-peer I/O over TCP/IP
  • Easy-installation DIN-rail mounting
  • Support C++ sample codes

System Features

 Model Name

 Leader-5000 Series

 I/O System


 8-bit, RISE-Based 100MHz


Condition Logic Rule 


1 x 10/100 Mbps, RJ-45


32 KB


512 KB


I2C, 2048 bits

 Local I/O

8 DI & 6 DO

 Local I/O Expansion Slots

Up to 8 (D/I, D/O, A/I, A/O)
DI: up to 192; DO: up to 192; AI: up to 64; AO: up to 32

 DIN-rail Mounting


 Remote Monitoring

Web Server


 Network Server

Http, SNMP

 SDK Provided

C/C++, C#, VB, BCB


Block I/O Utility

 OPC Server Driver


 Communication Protocal



Block I/O Utility

Quick to Use Windows Utility

Block I/O Utility allows you to configure and monitor Leader-5000 Ethernet-Based I/O modules remotely. The Utility automatically scanning installed Leader-5000 Ethernet-Based block I/O modules. With Block I/O utility, you can browse available units, view the status of each channel, configure the I/O settings and configure the active I/O logic rule and alarms.



 The "General" Page (LD-5000 Series)

The "I/O Status" page, it can monitor the current working status of each channel both on DI and DO and Peer-to-Peer I/O Active Status. 



The "I/O Configuration" Page: Can configure the DI/DO mode and check status for each channel. 

Easy to configure the DI/DO mode and check status for each channel on "I/O Configuration". 

Condition Logic Rule

The I/O logic rule provides one-time operation in each entry. The theory is the same as the "IF-Then" rule. It's easy to understand rules, no need to know extra program script to configure this. In Logic Rule #ID Configuration page, select "Enable" and configure the Condition and Actions then press "Apply" to enable the rule. When the "Conditions" is reached, the system automatically activates the "Actives". The maximum I/O logic rules for Leader-5068 support are up to 7 rules. Each rule can support up to 4 different conditions and 4 different actions.

The "Alarm" Page, easy to configure the I/O logic rules, alarm message and "peer to peer" I/O activity.

Support up to 4 different conditions and 4 different actions.



 SNMP Trap Setting: Configure up to 4 SNMP Trap Server’s IP.

 Eanble Peer to Peer I/O activity:
Configure module's input channels mirrored to remote IP & configure module's output channels mirrored from remote IP.

Ethernet-base I/O Status via Web Browser

Enter the IP address of the Ethernet-based Block I/O Modules in Internet Explorer. Then you can access the embedded web browser of the I/O server. The web browser allows you monitor the information/status of each channels.



 Monitor the I/O status through any web browser. (The above sample is for LD-5068 Ethernet-based digital I/O module.)

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