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Motion Controls
Wrapper Machine Controls
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Machine Features

  • 3 axes (main motor, fly cutter, product feed) servo controls.
  • 2000 product recipe storage.
  • Conversational guidance makes easy operation.
  • Bag length can be automatically set up.
  • Equipped with adjustable bag maker for all sizes of products.

Controls Features

  • 3 axes variable Electrical CAM servo controls to synchronize the movement of wrap material, food and the fly cutter.
  • Recipe Management to implement up to 2000sets of product packing parameters.
  • No packing on detecting no product.
  • No Cut on detecting out of position product.
  • TFT display with touch screen.
  • Automatic calculation on the current bag length and cutting position compensation.
  • Self diagnosis and issue alarm for cover open, overheat or out of wrapping material.
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