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Motion Controls
High Speed Cutting Machine Controls
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Equipment Features

  • Used for cutting reel source into piece finished products mainly, such as color shrinkable label, shrinkable bottle insert, color sticker.
  • Equipped with high performance servo motor to feed material automatically.
  • Embedded multi-function digital control system.
  • Graphic user interface with touch screen, it is simple and convenient to operate.
  • German mark sensor.
  • The conveyor transports the finished product automatically.
  • Static eliminator.

Controls Features

  • Intelligent motion controller can do two lines operation, double capacity and can do different sizes production at the same time.
  • User can change cut length and production immediately when machine running.
  • High precision of cutting length based on mark sensor.
  • Dialog-base HMI for user to set parameters correctly and quickly.
  • Useful controller functions including batch number setting、system alarm message display and machine stop when finished reel source.
  • Password protection function avoids invalid operation.
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