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Process Controls
Servo Carriage Blow Molding Machine Controls
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Equipment Features

  • This Continuous type of blow molding machine is especially suite for producing a medium volume such as cosmetic bottles, clean bottles, etc..
  • The servo high-speed twin station configuration is designed for continuous blow molding production and thus eliminates down time and upgrades productivity.
  • The entire process encompasses parison wall thickness controls, charging, mold clamping, blow molding, pressure holding, cooling and solidification processing and switching the stations.
  • Article taken out by robot.
  • Water- cooled feed zone temperature control.
  • Chiller circulated hydraulically controlled blow-pin.
  • Built-in safety measures provide maximum protection for the operator.

Controls Features

  • Ability to provide high precision controls on temperature, pressure, flow and station position for a servo Twin-Station Blow Molding Machine.
  • Bottle color layer gradually control.
  • Built-in 30-points of parison wall thickness controls and Blow Molding process control function integrated design Combo 15-inch touch-screen controller
  • A controls and HMI with parison controls integrated in (both parison and machine controls are in one controller) or separated from.
  • PID temperature controls at accuracy of ±1°C.
  • Proportional hydraulic pressure controls assures extremely stable motion to extend machine life as well as preventing mold damage.
  • Friendly Human machine interface has easy parameter setting, alarm log, recipes management and remote diagnosis.
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