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Measurement Controls
Vehicle Damper Test Station
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Equipment Features

  • Test Piece is automatically loaded or unloaded by pneumatic manipulators
  • High-torque, direct-drive servo system offers programmable test stroke and velocity profile
  • Max. test stroke is up to 1m
  • Test speed varies from 0.1/sec to 1m/sec
  • The measureable range of damping force is up to ±500kg

Controls Features

  • The motion of a single axis servo is planned to generate the desirable test patterns.
  • The sampling is performed by a high-speed data acquisition module which is capable of up to 330KHz, gap free sampling. Totally 16 channels of analog input are provided.
  • A digital signal processing module with the programmable digital filtering is essential to process the sampled data.
  • Up to 10 scheduled, velocity profiles may be configured in a single test.
  • Both the performance and the reliability test modes are offered.
  • Test recipe management function supports the MS Access, .mdb, format database.
  • Test result encompasses a max. stretching / compression damping force and the displacement vs. damping force plot.
  • The test report can be saved as file or to be printed out.
  • The Software AI calibration eases the maintenance of measurement accuracy.
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