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Measurement Controls
Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) Performance Test
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Equipment Features

  • Equipped with pressure transducers and encoders to measure and to log the pressure of hydraulic cylinders of ABS, the wheels' speed and the vehicle speed as well as other relate mechatronic signal of the vehicle during braking.
  • Triggered with the output signal of brake pedal, the data acquisition start and monitor acquired data until the user demand vehicle speed is estimated.
  • When data acquisition is completed, performance index of the ABS such as the slip ratio, the brake distance and acceleration are automatically calculated.
  • The applicable vehicle speed range form 0.2km/hr to 200km/hr. A sub-count mechanism for encoder input is implemented to improve the accuracy of measurement during extreme low car speed.

Controls Features

  • A portable PC-based instrument with build-in TFT display and touch screen.
  • Isolated analog input and digital input to protect system from noise.
  • Build-in digital signal processing unit includes digital filtering.
  • High-speed data acquisition, 8 12-bit analog input channels sample data in 1KHz rate.
  • A sub-count mechanism for encoder input is provided.
  • Build-in test recipe database: support MS Access mdb format database.
  • Test results encompasses the trend of hydraulic pressure, the trend of vehicle speed and acceleration, and the trend of wheel slip ration during braking.
  • Test report can saved as files and be printed out.
  • Software AI calibration will ease the maintenance of measurement accuracy.
  • All sub-systems, including the data acquisition and HMI are organized and coordinated by the soft-PLC system.
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