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Process Controls
Intelligent SMT Reflow Oven Controls
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Main Temperature and Machine


Equipment Features

  • Fully conventional hot air reflow oven with up to 14 independent zone and quick response heating system
  • Automatically generating PCB reflow profile and beings capable of profile analysing and the corresponding controls adjustment
  • Recycling and reuse of flux to meet the standard of ISO14000
  • Build for Lead-free solder pastes  process. The oxygen concentration in the oven is controlled under 20PPM
  • Remote data monitoring, troubleshooting and recipes management is built within HMI

Controls Features

  • 14 independent zone with 28 channels high precision thermo controls at ±1°C accuracy
  • On-line supervising conveyor speed and the hot blast
  • PCB-droping detection
  • Built in PCB reflow profile analysis
  • Automatic motor-controlled PCB width adjustment
  • N2 diffusion controls to meet oxygen concentration requirements
  • On-line recipes management, production scheduling, historical and alarming log, and remote diagnosis via Ethernet
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