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Process Controls
IC Mold Press Machine Controls
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Equipment Features

  • A fully automatic and high performance computer controlled IC press molding machine. It is equipped with molding compound transfer, mold clamping and parts rejection.
  • Utilizes low noise, high efficiency, hydraulic flow pressure system to control the pressure and speed of molding compound transfer, mold clamping. The capacity of its hydraulic unit is up to 250 metric tons.
  • 24 independent zones of mold temperature control with quick response heating system.
  • Adopt linear potentiometers for accurately controlling the stroke and the soft-clamping at 0.01mm accuracy.
  • Human machine interface encompasses on-line recipes management, thermo PID tuning, temperature indication, hydraulic operation, alarm message, animation of mold clamping and molding compound transfer, printing of production schedule and maintenance.

Control Features

  • 24 independent zone high precision thermo PID controls at ±1°C accuracy with broken wire detection and temperature preservation.
  • Proportional valve controls to achieve accurate pressure, velocity and time for molding compound transfer and mold clamping.
  • Soft-PLC controls machine I/O, production flow logic and secure the machine safety.
  • User configurable functions like mold pre-heating, auto tuning of PID controls and soft clamping system.
  • Human machine interface also encompasses alarm log and display, recipes management and remote diagnostic.
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