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Measurement Controls
Cable Pressurization Equipment Monitoring System
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Equipment Features

  • Provides controlled environment (air temperature, humidity and pressure) for telephone cable system to maintain the quality of communication.
  • Both the equipment site controller and the supervisory site controller are available, the supervisory site can communicates with several equipment sites to monitoring the status of remote cable system. The equipment site controller monitoring and log the environmental condition of cable system and the status of equipments.
  • The equipment site provides isolated AI, DI and DO interface to monitor the power supply, air flux, pressure, temperature and humidity of cable system.
  • The equipment site monitor the status of cable pressurization system, and the operation time of its pumps and send alarm and maintenance request to supervisory site if necessary.
  • The equipment site can manipulate exceed 40 cables.
  • The equipment site and supervisory site can communicate directly via RS232, modem or Ethernet. The equipment's data, log and alarm can be accessed by the remote supervisory site.
  • Equipped with modem card, the equipment site can fire event to user specified pager.
  • More than one pager number and telephone number can be specified and dial sequentially when event fired.

Controls Features

  • An IPC with FTF LCD touch screen is used to implement the controller.
  • Build-in RS232 port and Ethernet interface, together with the additional add-on modem card to support communication.
  • High density isolated I/O interface is provided.
  • The build-in alarm log can fire alarm event or prepare the log file for remote accessing and printing.
  • Bar chart, trend and digit display components are provided to display the real-time status of the equipment.
  • Build-in serial port printer drive for alarm printing.
  • Build-in recipe database compatible with the MS Access provided user to load and edit specific recipe of the process.
  • Software AI calibration is provided to ease maintain of measurement accuracy.
  • All the sub-systems, includes the data acquisition system, the motion control system and the HMI system, are organized and synchronized by the software PLC system.
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