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Measurement Controls
Cellular Phone Cover Lift Test System
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Equipment Features

  • Rotational mechanism driven by precision servo system with specific path planning to simulate the twist motion of cell phone cover joint.
  • The twist angle range from -30° ~ 210°.
  • Equipped with two load cells to measure clock-wise and counter clock-wise twist forces of cell phone cover joint and to monitor the mechanical wearing of the joint.
  • Programmable angular velocity of twist mechanism and mechanical position to acquire data.

Controls Features

  • Continuously measure, calculate and log test data during long-term test. Automatically estimate the mechanical wearing condition of cell phone cover joint.
  • The sampling rate of data acquisition system is up to 100Hz per channel. The actual acquisition time is determined by the user requested mechanical position of the mechanism.
  • Automatically accumulate the number of test loop. The loop count can be paused, reset or stopped by user’s command.
  • Industrial standard G/M Codes are used to command the servo system to perform specific motion sequence of the mechanism.
  • Real-time trend of load cell reading is provided. Historical trend of tested data is accessible.
  • Build-in test recipe database which is in the MS Access format let user load and edit specific test recipe. Access control is supported to protect the database.
  • All the sub-systems, including data acquisition, motion control and the HMI system, are organized and coordinated by the software PLC system.
  • Twist angular velocity is programmable and can be selected or edited on HMI.
  • Build-in self-diagnosis and error report mechanism.
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